0-300V Output for TV Repair and All LED Application LED TV Backlight Tester New


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 0-230V Output LED TV Tester LED Strips Test Tool and Voltage Display for All LED Application

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if you need a more powerfull kind :EU Plug 0-320V-Output-LED-TV-Tester-LED-Strips-Test-Tool-with-Current-and-Voltage-Display

if you need US-plug, please click here : US-PLUG : 0-230V-Output-LED-TV-Backlight-Tester-LED-Strips-Test-Tool-with-Current-and-Voltage

LED  TV screen backlight problems are getting increasingly common. As we know, slight voltage change can have a big influence on TV function.

When LED TVs come backlight failure,what should you do?

So you need a useful tool to test the LEDTV backlight strips.

You can find the LED strip problem easily as you don’t need to disassemble your LED TV to test LED strips which can save a lot of time for you.

This LED Lamp LED TV Backlight Tester can find defective LED on the strip in few seconds with automatical voltage and current adjustment.

If there is something wrong with LED strip, you can change it or replace the bad LED beads.

Applicable to any size LED TV , perfect backlight inspection and maintenance tool ! It is really a good tool for Every Technician.

Input Voltage: AC220V
Output Voltage: 0-230V
Output current:0-25mA

Main Application:
– Suitable for single LED beads, LED stirng, LED panel and Integrated optical LED
– Support testing the capacitance voltage and the diode voltage 

– No need to disassemble panel to test the LED strips which can save a lot of time for you.

– Burning protection: Voltage and Current Intelligent Adjustment

Package includes:

1*LED tester

1*test leads


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