IPS Touch Screen Dash Cam Car DVR Android 4G Rear View HD 10″ GPS Navi Dual Lens


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Anstar F800 Car DVR Android 4G Rear View Camera HD 10 inches Full IPS Touch Screen Dash Cam GPS Navi ADAS Dual Lens Car Camera

Main Features of Anstar F800 Car Dvr

4G SIM & WIFI Enjoy fun from Internet Surfing.
1:1 Split View Display Frontview and RearView.
10-inch touch IPS screen freely switch & Rear view image.
Full HD 1080P Streaming Video Record.

ADAS Plus Makes Driving Safer. 
GPS Navigation Map Free Upgrade.
Loop Recording and G-sensor Keep Improtant Video.
24-hour monitoring Remote Monitor on Car Assist APP.



The Option for F800-4G GPS Navigation ADAS Car DVR.






Main Function for Android F800-4G Dash Cam


function 1


4G module for SIM card (Internet) + WIFI module router = faster surfing

With 4G SIM card and built-in wifi, you can enjoy surfing the Internet and let you navigate online/music/movie, no matter where you drive.
Note: Before you place an order, please check if your local SIM card network is below the following frequency bands:
2G / GSM: 900 (B8) / 1800 (B3); 3G / WCDMA: 2100 (B1) / 900 (B8); 4G / LTE: FDD, 2100 (B1) / 1800 (B3)
Otherwise, the car dvr will not be able to recognize your SIM card.



Full Reverse Image of Rearview Camera

Automatically cut the car image, the auxiliary line can adjust the height and width. It makes Reversing easier.




4G version ADAS makes driving safer

Advanced driving alarm system (LDWS / FCWS / FVMA), it is a useful alarm system to keep your driving safer.





Mobile Application Remote Monitoring

Monitor your car remotely and remotely anytime, anywhere.
“Car Assistant” APP download method Android / ISO users directly in the Google Mall / APP store search software name:
“Car Assistant” can be downloaded and installed to the phone.


remote monitor


Full screen navigation mode

Download your favorite GPS to intermal memory, with the additional GPS antenna, Plus, It’s 3G/4G network function, help the dvr get more smoothly GPS navigation.







Night vision rearview mirror streaming

1080p high-definition rearview mirror, rainproof, anti-fog, strong light, unaffected by the weather,
large field of view, due to ordinary original car rearview mirror.




24 Hours Parking Remote Monitoring

Use with OBD buck line( not include in the package )can be monitored for 24 hours, security anti-theft, support for Android and Apple mobile phone, Emergency alarm Receive notifications on your phone when it occurs preset event.

Clink the picture below to get OBD buck line link.



10 inches Full Touch Screen Rear View Camera



Display modes

Off screen recording / Off screen navigation / Front and rear double recording / Rear view full screen / Front full screen.

One-touch screen saver

Are you worried about the dvr recording display affecting your car’s rearview mirror function? Now just press the power button,
It will immediately turn off the screen backlight without disturbing the driving.





Product Parameters









1. Why F800-4G is more expensive than F800-Normal ?

    Anstar:  This time we used the streaming video technology on F800-4G, Especially the rear camera quality is better than F800-Normal. A nd it is 4G, support ADAS while F800-Normal does not support. 

    To summarise, it’s certainly worth it.

2. This car dvr installation need remove the existing rearview mirror?
     Anstar : no need, this F800 is universal type mirror dvr whichi could work for 100% of car . 
3. How to use 4G SIM card?
    Anstar: If the F80-4G dvr with 4G SIM card, you could share the internet via using the Wi-Fi router function. The dvr’s remote monitor function also need the car dvr with SIM card internet or wifi network available. 
4. Why the car dvr could not identify the SIM card? 
    Anstar:  Firstly, please power off the car dvr , then please check whether you insert the SIM card by correct direction. 
5. Can I turn off the screen without turning off the recording?

    Anstar : Yes, of course, we have the ability to suppress and restore the screen with a single power button. At the moment the screen expires, we will not lose the currently running process, eg.: recorder, navigation ect. 

6. How can I listen to music from the mirror?
    Anstar: We can listen to music in several ways:
– Using the FM transmitter function – The radio wave will be transmitted to the car radio
– Using the built-in speaker. You could use the music player to listen to music . 
7. Is memory card required?
    Anstar: The device has an internal memory, and its preferred use should be for installed applications or Map data, music etc.  Video recording files, here need the memory card to support recording and storage.  Please use the Class 10 high speed micro sd card. Thank you.
8. How do I use the speakerphone?
    Anstar: We need to run the bluetooth and then connect to our smart phone, at which point the hands free is available. 
9. What applications are useful?
    Anstar: Each user has different requirements for the application that interests him. An essential application for every driver is of course navigation. By default, Google Maps is installed on your device, and you can download any application for Android for free, such as Youtube, Waze and more.
10. Can I download any other applications into this car dvr?
      Anstar: Yes, this car dvr built in Google Play market. You will need a google account (as like Gmail address ) to sign in the Google play market to download the applications you prefer.
11.Can you simultaneously navigate while recording the front camera?
    Anstar: Yes, Mirror supports multitasking (background application).
12.How do I connect the rear back camera?
    Anstar: Please connect the rear cable’s Red color wire with your car reverse lamp power’s positive pole. 
13. Why the car dvr  no sound? 
      A: Please kindly check whether you turn on the car dvr’s FM transmitter function, if yes , please power off the FM. Otherwise the dvr speaker will automatically turn off. 
14. Does this F800-4G support Remote Monitor function? 
      A: Yes, no matter where you are, you could access F800-4G smart mirror dvr through a supporting smartphone app “Car Assist” for instant vision.
15. May I get repair warranty? 
      Anstar: Yes, you will gain one year free warranty if the product has problem.



Additional information

Weight1.10 kg
Dimensions40.00 × 20.00 × 10.00 cm
Color Name

F800-4G, F800-Normal

Chipset Manufacturer


Sd Card Memory

128GB SD Card, 16GB SD Card, 32GB SD Card, 64GB SD Card, No SD Card

GPS logger


View angle


Original Package


Remote App Name

Car Assist


4G Option

OSD Language




Special Features


4G Version

Android 5.1 Car Mirror

Loop Record


Battery Life


Display Size




Screen Ratio


Frames Per Second


Camera Resolution


Number Of Lenses


Front Camera


Video Format


24 Hour Parking Monitor


Video Code


Max External Memory


Touch Screen


Imaging Sensor

Cmd Ov7950

Item Type


GPS Navi

4G Option

Special Feather

Stream Rear View Camera

Brand Name


Memory Card Required Reding Speed

Class 10

Item Name

Anstar F800 Car DVR

Rear Camera


Assembly Mode

Rearview Mirror




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