4G or WiFi Solar Camera – PTZ


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Do you want to install security cameras but the wiring, set-up, system, maintenance is proving to be a huge headache? This CCTV camera is the new innovation that solves all your problems with faster installation. Yes, you can install it within 5 minutes on your own- it is simple, fast and secure!

It has an efficient system wherein the camera is powered by solar panels and is charged throughout the day. You can even use batteries in case of the camera being shadowed by the sun. This way you don’t have to rely on any power outlet or meters of cable which can be difficult to maintain. You can place either a single camera or an entire set up anywhere on your property even in remote areas and can view the live footage on your device via the app anywhere anytime. The camera is made such that it can be connected to a 4G or WiFi network to give you access to the live footage at all times. With state of the art technology, these cameras are a huge deterrent for crimes such as robbery, trespassing, attacks, etc., while also providing valuable footage to rely on in the event of any mishap. These cameras are suitable for all property types, from farms to estates to schools. Armed with solar panels, Cloud storage, motion detectors, and Internet accessibility, these cameras are the perfect security partner that lets you put your mind at ease.

The camera can rotate 355 degrees and tilt 120 degrees which allow to cover a wider area. It can deliver the high quality coloured and detailed picture even in low light. It is supplemented with an auto-rotating feature to track the moving object. It allows 24*7 surveillance without power consumption. It is supplemented with 8W power, 177mm*267mm solar panel, which has the capacity to work under 30 degrees to 60 degrees with with >91% power outlet conversion rate.

Some of the unique qualities of this security camera are:

  1. Solar-powered: Power Outlet is not required. There is no hassle for cables or extensions. It can be remotely controlled from any distance. 
  2. Remotely controlled: Get immediate notification on your mobile for motion detection. Also, you can control everything with your smartphone
  3. Night Vision: Clear vision at night within 20 meters of distance
  4. Saves Power: Save energy with low power consumption and intelligent power saving with long standby time
  5. Wider Coverage: Covers wider area with 360-degree rotation and 75 degrees tilting mechanism in the camera

Product Specifications : 

  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • Full-HD
  • 19200mA Battery
  • Motion Detection
  • 12M PIR Detect
  • Up to 128 GBTF Card
  • Response time even less than a sec
  • WIFI connection/ Sim Card
  • 3.6mm lens
  • Blacklight technology

Do you want to know more details on how to does camera work? Do you want to know more about how power consumption/ Internet connection/ battery replacement/ installation? Do you want to know where/how to access footage? 


Don’t worry! Below is the detailed description of all your queries-

  1. Functional Features: The cameras are armed with solar panels and lithium-ion batteries which charge during the day and power the system. The camera comes loaded with various features such as live monitoring ( via smartphone app ), motion sensor recording and notification alerts on detected movement, night vision, cloud storage of footage, an audio system to facilitate communication. All these features make it convenient for you to access the footage and live monitoring, and communicate with the camera with ease. You do not need any power outlets or cables to set up the camera at your desired location.
  2. Internet consumption: The camera is energy efficient and doesn’t use too much internet either. It depends on how much you are using the camera but it takes, on average, 1 GB per month and a few MB in standby mode. You will need additional internet to play the saved footage on the app.
  3. Internet Connection (WiFi /4G and more):   The variants available are the WiFi model and the 4G model. The WiFi model is the best option if you are installing the camera at your home, office, estate or anyplace with access to a WiFi network. This makes it cheaper as you are using a WiFi network. The 4G model is beneficial if you do not have access to a WiFi network nearby, say in construction sites. In case you are buying the 4G model, you do not get the WiFi facility and hence have to buy a 4G SIM Card for your device to give you access to the footage.
  4. Footage Access: You can access the live footage on the mobile app anytime and anywhere when the camera is connected to the internet. The footage is also backed up on the cloud storage and can be saved on memory cards to be viewed later.
  5. Installation: You can easily install the camera and the solar panel on any surface that you like using a few screws and bolts on the camera mount. For downloading the app, scan the QR code and connect the camera to the app using internet and generate a password which will be exclusive to you. You will then be able to control your camera from the app and access the live footage.
  6. Battery Replacement: The battery is charged by solar energy and will keep functioning as long as it is exposed to sunlight. The cameras are designed to record when they detect motion or some sort of activity. When there is no activity, the camera switches to ‘standby mode’, which in turn saves a lot of power. The motion sensors are quite advanced so there is no fear of it missing something. The camera can last for a long while in standby mode even without solar energy. Although it is recommended to be placed in such a way that it keeps receiving sunlight when in constant or active use.

Features :

  • 2MP 4G Wifi  Solar power IP PTZ cameras ;
  • 1080P no power no network Full-color vision IR outdoor cameras ;
  • H.265 compression  ;  
  • 3.6mm HD lens ;
  • Built in 6pcs IR leds ( 2pcs white IR + 4pcs IR Array )  , 30m IR vision ;
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way audio ;
  • Built-in PIR Radar, detect distance max  12M ; 
  • Support mobile phone P2P remote control ;
  • Support remote  wake up cameras ;
  • Support mobile push alarm notification ; 
  • Embed 8W solar power panel, recharge under sunshine directly ;
  • Support  6pcs 18650 battery, longer standby time ;  
  • Support SD card storage and Cloud storage  ;
  • Support PTZ,  Pan: 355 degrees, Tilt: 120 degrees;  
  • 4G only supports 4g  sim card,  Wifi only support 2.4G Wifi /AP  ; 
  • Adopt Blacklight technology, full-color vision in dark area ; 
  • Work temperature: -30 degree  to  60 degrees ;  


Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 28 × 17.0 cm
Lens (mm)


Special Features

Waterproof / Weatherproof

Power Supply


High Definition








Motion detection




Wall Bracket


Supported Operating Systems


Video Compression Format




Model Number


Network Interface




Brand Name



IP Camera

Supported Mobile Systems


Two way audio


Cloud storage






IR Distance(m)


IR vision

6pcs IR array -30m ir vision

Products Name

4g Solar power IP PTZ cameras






4G, WiFi

SD Storage

No SD Card, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB