4G Solar Bullet Security Camera with Two-Way Audio

4g solar powered bullet camera

The wireless 4g solar bullet camera is a type of camera that is often used in security applications. It is named for its bullet-shaped design and is typically mounted on a wall or ceiling. Bullet cameras are usually small and compact, making them ideal for use in areas where space is limited. 4g solar bullet cameras are powered by solar panels, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

which camera is better bullet or dome?

There are two main types of security cameras: bullet cameras and dome cameras. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right type of CCTV camera for your needs.

Bullet cameras are more compact and easier to install than dome cameras. They’re also less conspicuous, which can be an advantage if you don’t want your security system to be too conspicuous. However, bullet cameras can be more vulnerable to damage from the elements or vandals.

Dome cameras are more durable than bullet cameras and less likely to be damaged by the elements or vandals. They’re also more difficult to install, but they offer a wider field of view than bullet cameras. Dome cameras can be more conspicuous than bullet cameras, which may be a disadvantage if you’re trying to keep your security system inconspicuous.

Things to consider in a 4g solar bullet security camera

There are several things to consider when choosing a solar security camera. The most important factor is the camera’s power source. Solar security cameras are powered by either solar panels or batteries. Solar panels are the most common power source for solar security cameras. Batteries can be used as a backup power source for solar security cameras. Another thing to consider is the camera’s location. Solar security cameras are typically installed outdoors. The camera should be placed in an area where it will receive direct sunlight. The amount of sunlight that the camera receives will determine how long the battery will last. Solar-powered security cameras typically have a longer battery life than battery-powered security cameras.

4G Solar Bullet Security with seprate solar panel

What happens if I don’t have 3G or 4G coverage

If you do not have 3G or 4G coverage, you won’t be able to use the camera for outdoor surveillance. A reliable cellular connection via 4G Sim is necessary to use these features (live notifications, two-way audio and etc.). If you have wi-fi access in the area, you can go with wifi solar bullet cameras.

Will I save money by using a 4g solar camera?

Yes, you can save money by using a solar security camera. Solar power cameras use solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy, which can be used to power the camera. Solar cctvs also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, as they do not produce any emissions.

Solar bullet cameras top features

A 4g solar bullet security are cylindrical in shape and they are typically used for outdoor applications because they are weatherproof and vandal-resistant. Many bullet cameras also come with built-in infrared LEDs that allow them to record clear video footage even in low-light conditions.

One of the main benefits of using bullet cameras is that they can be easily installed and configured. Bullet cameras are also relatively inexpensive, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers. Another key benefit of bullet cameras is that they offer live notifications and two-way audio, which allows users to stay informed and respond in real-time to any security breaches.

Most 4g solar bullet security are also IP65 waterproof, meaning they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, many bullet cameras come with an optional solar panel that can be used to power the camera in locations where there is no electrical outlet.

Human PIR Motion Detection in 4g solar bullet security cameras

The human PIR sensor is a special type of sensor that is designed to detect the presence of people within a certain area (day and night). These detectors are often used in security and surveillance applications, as they can provide an early warning of potential intruders. PIR detectors work by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by warm objects, such as human bodies. When a person enters the detection area, the sensor will detect the change in infrared radiation and trigger an alarm.

Two-Way Audio 4g solar bullet security

Most security cameras have built-in speakers and microphones that allow you to hear what’s going on near the camera and talk back through the camera. This is called two-way audio. It’s useful when you want to warn someone who’s on your property that they’re being recorded or tell a delivery person to leave a package at the door.

Two-way audio is one of the most popular features in security cameras, but it’s not available in all models. If two-way audio is a must-have for you, make sure to check if the security camera you’re interested in has it before you buy.

How 1080p Nightvision cameras work

Night vision 4g bullet cameras are a type of security camera that uses infrared (IR) technology to provide full hd night vision.


A solar-powered security camera with 4G network and rechargeable battery that can be used standalone or with an SD card (up to 128 GB).