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Single Camera Wireless CCTV System to secure your surrounding

The need to secure and protect ourselves and those we care for dates back to the time of creation. Over time, this biological and intuitive need is globally recognized as the fundamental rights of every man. However, within the scope and in this post we would look at security and safety through cameras– Single Camera Wireless CCTV System.

Before we get into securing our surroundings with Single Camera Wireless CCTV Systems, we must take a short trip down history. Let us first discuss why we need safety.

Single Camera Wireless CCTV System

Why we need safety?

Great psychologists like Abraham Maslow have described and identified security and safety as one of the basic requirements of any human.

We are hardwired to react in different ways to preserve our life. We become defensive toward any attempt to threaten or put in danger or risks posed against us either emotional, physical, or natural.

The need for security ranks top on the parking order for every person.

A critical look at the majority of our decisions and inventions shows that our lives are based on concepts: desire and need for safety.

Shoes, for example, were built and modified to Protect the feet for fear of hurts.

We even choose apartments because we first want to protect ourselves before thinking of how fancy it is. We wouldn’t comprise safety our lives and that of our loved ones.

Even the financial investments we make are guided by the desire to acquire more returns, but also the need to protect our investment keeps us from making some decisions. This often is with good reason. Nobody wants to become a victim of fraud.

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Below, we have listed out the reasons why we need safety and security:

1. Instincts: the simplest explanation for our need for safety is nothing more than human nature. Next to food and health is security.

One fact that holds from time immemorial is that humane crave peace of mind. This longing, this crave, is what propelled us to put measures in place that would protect our lives and properties.

2. Fear of dying: You can bet your bottom dollar that no one wants to die – at least not untimely.

Despite our knowledge of attesting to the inevitability of death, we still want to have an impact on our friends and families.

3. Fear of properties: Properties are our assets and no one ever smiles at losing them to theft or vandalism.

For businesses, the properties you own are far from the physical buildings. Your digital space is also considered an asset. If this is tampered with, it could spell doom and may take a long time to recover.


On streets, in homes, and in business areas, the closed-circuit television, popularly known as CCTV, has come to be accepted as and used to boost security via Single-Camera Wireless CCTV System.

It wasn’t until around 1949 that CCTV technology broke the market for commercial use. Of course, earlier versions of CCTV systems were not as sophisticated as the Single Camera Wireless CCTV Systems that exist today.

Now, the first-ever documented use of CCTV cameras was in 1942 in Germany.

It was designed by the Engineer Walter Bruch for the monitoring of V2 rockets until Vericon– an American contractor started its commercial promotion.

Cameras have since evolved to be more effective than what it used to be.

How wireless cameras work.

The wireless cameras work by transmitting video through an RF transmitter, that is, a radio transmitter.

This video is received by an inbuilt storage device or in cloud storage. You can access the video via a monitor or receiver. You get a link, click and you’d have instant access to your video clips.

The transition from wired to the wireless camera is a result of some lapses including, the alert it (wires) give to Intruders.

This why wireless CCTV home security systems and then likes are now knocking its wired counterparts off the shelf in stores. There are no wires to alert Intruders that they are monitored.

Benefits of CCTV surveillance.

The obvious goal of Single Camera Wireless CCTV System is to monitor the exterior and interior of a property. So, we have listed some key benefits of using wireless CCTV cameras.

  • The deterrent of criminal activities
  • Favorable insurance rates
  • Cost-effective form of security
  • Peace

1. Deterrent to criminal activities: when you buy a wireless CCTV camera system, you purchase a device that deters burglars from ever considering your residence in the first place.

The mere sight of cameras can deter any burglar. It gives the notion that it is probably safer to pick another target other than yours.

Research has shown that the crime rate reduces up to 50% in car parks with CCTV surveillance. Up to 25% in public transport and a significant 7% in public settings.

It is way better to prevent any intrusion on your property than to sit and count your losses.

2. Favorable insurance rates: Having a Single Camera Wireless CCTV System reduces the likelihood of an incident occurring. The fact that you are less of a target, and your risk chances are lowered, prices of your insurance become more favorable.

Single Camera Wireless CCTV System provides evidence whenever you need to make insurance claims. In another case, your insurance provider may question your claims and even refuse reimbursement.

3. Single Camera Wireless CCTV System is a cost-effective form of security: This is in terms of installation, Single Camera Wireless CCTV System is easy to maintain, and repair.

4. Peace: Single Camera Wireless CCTV System not only strengthens your security but gives a boost in assurance especially if you live in a region with a high crime rate.

You can even monitor your property from your smartphone or tablet because of the sophisticated versions storming the market now.