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4g is crap around berriwillock so i would need the WiFi to have a range of 2ks back to the house
Are they compatible with Optus and Telstra SIM cards ?
Can I put your cameras away from my home a few miles away and still have them work without my home Wi-Fi?
Do I need a SIM card with data or can it just send photos only?
Do they send photos straight to your phone. Case they stand out a bit someone will just steal them
Do you have to have a SIM card in it to sent the footage to my phone?
Does It use my phone account or Do you have to open a data account for the camera
Don't solar cameras need power? are they easy to install ?
Hello just purchased the 4G solar camera just wanted to get the dimensions of the holes so we can weld the plate on a pole please
Hi I was wanting to know if I can install a camera away from my house not using home WiFi ?
Hi I’m just wondering what app. I have to download for 4g solar cam please.
How do they work with "no network" ?
How does the camera connect to a 4g network?
how long is the warranty?
How many cameras are in this?
How many cameras can I linked up together?
How much data does a 4g security camera use per month?
I dont get a blue light on my camera, what should I do?
I need a 4G Solar powered bullet camera
is 4G PTZ Camera a right camera for construction monitor? I need 4G
Is the 4G version function with WiFi network too?
Is there a subscription needed to these apps?
My Phone connection is 5g / 4g, Will the camera works with my phone?
Our internet flicks between 4g and 3G. Would that be a problem ?
So if its 4g you won't need wifi so if your paying $30 a month will that cover it or do u need $50 a month to cover data or more?
so they don’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi on the property?
What about 5g connection or 5g sim cards?
What is the app called that is used to access the camera? The PTZ-4G, what is the app?
What is the delay notification on your 4G solar cameras?
Whats the 4G solar Camera frequency bands?
which is the best one you recommend for a small life style farm. Have 4g no WiFi, Ideally one that moves around so I would only need one camera on the house ?
Will camera work on remote farm that has 3-4g coverage but NO wi-fi. My home 200kms away has wi-fi.
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