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4g is crap around berriwillock so i would need the WiFi to have a range of 2ks back to the house
are you using a microSD card with the camera?
But intruder can cut the wire !
Can I put your cameras away from my home a few miles away and still have them work without my home Wi-Fi?
Can I still connect if I’m overseas?
Can I still view the feed if I’m overseas?
Can they connect to a storage device for viewing back later?
Can u access the camera footage 24/7?
Can you get photos on demand rather than motion detected
Can your motion-detecting cameras detect passing by cars?
Do I have to pay to get Notification on the system ?
Do they come in any other colors ?
Do they have night vison?
Do they send photos straight to your phone. Case they stand out a bit someone will just steal them
Do you have a driveway alert to your phone?
Do you know someone who can install?
Does camera can be monitor on any phone?
Does it have to be hard wired?
Does it notify your phone when it detects movement
Does it only capture movement ?
Does PTZ move 360 around
does WiFi Camera need a hub or DVR or it just needs a WiFi internet?
Don't solar cameras need power? are they easy to install ?
Hello just purchased the 4G solar camera just wanted to get the dimensions of the holes so we can weld the plate on a pole please
How do they work with "no network" ?
How do you configure 4G router to send massages?
how far from a modem can it be ?
How far is the detection distance?
How many cameras are in this?
How much data you’d need to watch a camera stream?
I am looking for a security system that contact. Connect and control from my phone
I dont get a blue light on my camera, what should I do?
I have the "other brands" wifi home version of this and its useless get notified anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour after an event some times nothing at all. How quick are your notifications?
I have to cover a aircraft hangar, with side door and main hangar door. Power available Want messaging or similiar notification when triggerred. What software works with these units that sends SMS or similiar?
If I run 6 of these cameras on a farm! Can the app monitor all 6 cameras ?
Is the 4G version function with WiFi network too?
Is there a subscription needed to these apps?
Is there a time-lapse setting?
My Phone connection is 5g / 4g, Will the camera works with my phone?
so can I check on these at anytime or only when motion is sensed?
so they don’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi on the property?
That solar panel looks like it's too small too do the job
Waterproof WiFi Outdoor CCTV 1080P 2MP Wireless IP65 IP PTZ Camera Home Security. Can put solar panel on it
What about 5g connection or 5g sim cards?
What are PTZ cameras?
what keeps solar cameras running during the night please?
What would I do if the camera doesnt connect to my 5G modem?
will all of the camera work at night in darkness? the camera would be 100m from the house at front gate.
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