3200mah Batteries [4 x 3200 Batteries] (Upgrade For Solar Camera)

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What is 18650 Batteries

Why do I need a new Set
After a while batteries used in the camera would need replacement. And you need to look into a reliable and powerful battery. Thankfully, we have 18650 rechargeable batteries with 3200mAh worth of power.  Our 18650 batteries are constructed with a certified cell and made from high-quality Li-ion to help them last long and make them durable, and reliable. It has an excellent 3200mAh capacity so you can use your devices longer without the need to recharge. Plus, this is perfect for Solar cameras that need constant power supply and cannot rely on traditional electrical sources. These rechargeable batteries are ideal for those who are always on-the-go like outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and photographers who need to have their electronic devices constantly charged. With this battery, you can have one less thing to worry about as your device gets the power it needs while you're on the road. The 18650 battery is a small, cylindrical size that fits easily in your pocket or bag. It has the perfect size and weight to carry around, so you're ready for anything. Whether you're camping, hiking, taking long trips, or just hanging out in your backyard, this 18650 battery is a device you can trust to keep your electronic devices charged. Our 18650 rechargeable batteries with 3200mAh capacity can deliver high performance, fast charging speeds as well as long-lasting battery life. This means that you can spend more time using your devices instead of replacing dead batteries and recharging them frequently. So, if you need a reliable source of energy for your Solar camera, your smartphone, or any other electronic gadget, don't hesitate to try our 18650 batteries with 3200mAh power capacity. It is perfect for fulfilling all your power needs while you're away from your electrical sources.

Each set is coming with 4 3200mah batteries.

Color of the batteries might be different.


Battery Specification

Battery Type
Rechargeable Li-ion Cell
3.6V , 3200mAh, 11.52Wh

Hazards Identification
Classification according to GHS
Not a dangerous substance according to GHS

Handling and Storage
The battery should not be opened, destroyed or incinerate, since they may
leak or rupture and release to the environment the ingredients that they
contain in the hermetically sealed container.
Do not short circuit terminals, or overcharge the battery, forced
over-discharge, throw to fire.
Do not crush or puncture the battery, or immerse in liquids
Avoid mechanical or electrical abuse. Storage preferably in a cool, dry, and
ventilated area, which is subject to little temperature change. Storage at high
temperatures should be avoided.
Do not place the battery near heating equipment, nor expose to direct
sunlight for long periods.
Other Precautions
The battery may explode or cause burns, if disassembled, crushed or
exposed to fire or high temperatures. Do not short or install with incorrect

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 3 cm