3200 mAh Batteries [6 x 3200 Batteries] (Upgrade For Solar PTZ camera)

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When do I need a new Battery Set?

Why buy 18650 batteries?
In due course, the batteries utilized in the camera would inevitably require replacement. It is essential to procure a dependable and potent battery. Fortunately, our inventory features the 18650 rechargeable batteries with a robust 3200mAh of power. Our 18650 batteries are composed of authenticated cells and are crafted from superior Li-ion material to ensure longevity, durability, and reliability. With a remarkable 3200mAh capacity, you can now use your electronic devices without the need for recharging frequently. Moreover, it is ideal for solar cameras that necessitate uninterrupted power supply and cannot rely on conventional electrical sources. These rechargeable batteries are optimal for individuals who are always on-the-go, such as outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and photographers who require consistent power supply for their gadgets. With this battery, there is no need to worry about your device running out of power while on the move. The 18650 battery is a small, cylindrical object that can easily fit in your pocket or bag. With its optimal size and weight, it is convenient to carry around and prepared for any situation. Whether you engage in activities such as camping, hiking, or traveling, or just simply relaxing in your backyard, the 18650 battery is a dependable device that can ensure your electronic devices are charged. Our 18650 rechargeable batteries, containing a capacity of 3200mAh, possess the ability to produce high performance and rapidly charged speeds, as well as provide long-lasting battery life. This enables you to use your devices for longer periods of time without the constant need for battery replacement and frequent recharging. Therefore, if you require a dependable source of energy for your Solar cameras, smartphones, or any electronic gadget, don't hesitate to try our 18650 batteries with 3200mAh power capacity. It is ideal for fulfilling all your power needs while on-the-go, away from electrical sources.

Each set is coming with 6 3200mah batteries.

Color of the batteries might be different.


Battery Specification

Battery Type
Rechargeable Li-ion Cell
3.6V , 3200mAh, 11.52Wh

Hazards Identification
Classification according to GHS
Not a dangerous substance according to GHS

Handling and Storage
The battery should not be opened, destroyed or incinerate, since they may
leak or rupture and release to the environment the ingredients that they
contain in the hermetically sealed container.
Do not short circuit terminals, or overcharge the battery, forced
over-discharge, throw to fire.
Do not crush or puncture the battery, or immerse in liquids
Avoid mechanical or electrical abuse. Storage preferably in a cool, dry, and
ventilated area, which is subject to little temperature change. Storage at high
temperatures should be avoided.
Do not place the battery near heating equipment, nor expose to direct
sunlight for long periods.
Other Precautions
The battery may explode or cause burns, if disassembled, crushed or
exposed to fire or high temperatures. Do not short or install with incorrect