2MP Wireless CCTV IP Camera Home Security Surveillance System Night Vision 1080P


Capture Full-HD with these small cameras, Motion Detection and WiFi enabled



 Model number : RL27

* Chipset:GK7102
* Resolution: 1920*1080P
* Add mode : QR code / AP hotspot;
* App:YCC365Plus/Tuya Optional
* Support motion detection,Two-way Audio,loop recording
* Support voice monitoring,IR-CUT Night Vision, mobile detection alarm;
* Cloud storage video support alarm classification query playback function (intrusion, voice, etc.);
* Support mobile phone remote monitoring(IOS,Android);
* Wireless network 802.11b/g/n;
* PTZ control: Horizontal 350degree ,Vertical:120degree
* Power Supply:DC 5V 1.5A,working temperature:0℃-+55℃;
* with cloud storage function, it can dock Amazon Alexa

How To Set Up The Camera

1. Download and Install the App
a. Make sure your mobile devices are connected to the network properly (Wi-Fi)
b .For Android phone users, download the free app by searching “YCC365 plus” in “Google Play Store” or scanning the QR-Code on the camera package.
c. For iPhone or iPad users, download the free app by searching  “YCC365 plus” in “App Store” or scanning the QR-Code on the camera package.

2. Connect the Cloud IP Camera
a. Open your APP “YCC365 plus”, register a new account or log in your old account
b. Add the camera device (You can choose four ways to add your camera)
c. When your add your camera, please put your camera in a place where the wifi signal is stable (Put your phone and camera closer)

Cannot Connect To WIFI Successfully?
1.Please make sure the WIFI Password is correct.(Our Camera Only Support 2.4Ghz Wifi)

2.Please make sure the router signal is stable (place IP Camera close to your router for first connection is Recommended).The Camera will not work on a 5Ghz wireless standard at this time.  If you have a dual-band router, be sure to segregate your wireless channels and connect the Camera to the 2.4ghz channel.

3.Please check that your wifi name and password do not have special symbols, our camera can only recognize English letters and numbers..

Check The IP Camera: please make sure the IP Camera send Waiting for connection message after the plug. If not, we need to reset the Camera.

1.Why Reset:

Reset is used to boost the IP Camera system, which become more efficient to accept the unknown router and connect it.
Reset will erase all user settings including WIFI information, access password, alarm information, arming zones information.

2.The Steps:

Find the reset hole at the bottom of the device, and then use needle to insert it, press it more more than three seconds after hearing “di” sound, when hearing ‘Reset to be  defaulted setting’ sound,  then  camera reset successfully.

3.After the reset, user can start to connect it by WIFI.

FAQ -Cloud Storage Wifi Camera

  1. Have to buy cloud storage service?
    This camera has cloud storage and ordinary card storage capabilities, do not want to buy cloud storage, you can insert a sd card for recordings.
  2. What can we do when the camera be stolen?
    Do not worry,camera with cloud storage capabilities, video stored in the cloud server, the camera was stolen, the videos can be found by cloud storage account.
  3. Does cloud storage camera can support recording for SD Card and cloud storage at the same time?
    Yes. Support SD Card and cloud storage recordings at the same time if you put SD Card and purchase cloud storage service
  4. Which cloud service company you use?Is it free ?
    We use Amazon cloud server. Yes have long cloud service,everyone can enjoy the cloud storage service for free,after that you can choose to pay for the service with a low cost.but this service for free need buyer contact cloud storage customer service help you open!
  5. How to protect privacy of individual from Cloud?
    The server Is Amazon cloud,support US-EU Safe Harbor and ISO/IEC27001:2013,it with High safety certification


 Product Features:

  1. Smart Dual talking, Smart colorful video at night, AP functions
  2. H.264 Main Profile compression algorithm, Live Real-time display and HD resolution Recording
  3. It has  Motion Auto Tracking technology, It is like PTZ ,you can setting protection area,when some one get in this place ,it will warning you and following that guys,after he get out of this place 10 seconds ,it will back to the protection area keep Second round protection.
  4. [email protected] Real-Time live video transmission  , self-adaptable Ethernet, fluency and smoothly
  5. Echo elimination and noise reduction technology, Perfect Dual-duplex audio effect.
  6. YCC365 Smart Cloud  technology , One-Step remotely connection, Plug and play.

Pioneering technology , one key for WIFI setting, One-Step connecting internet,  Extremely simplicity.

  • Camera    Main Processor :   T20N
  • Operation System :  Embedded LINUX OS system
  • Video    Image Sensor :   1.0MP、1.3MP、2.0MP CMOS
  • Video Compression :    H.264
  • Video system :    PAL、NTSC
  •  Display Resolution :   1280*720/640*480/320*180
  • Video Resolution :  1280*720/640*480
  • Motion detection :   Yes
  • low illumination :  0.1LUX/F1.2
  • picture Capture :   Yes
  • Video Flip :  Yes
  • Audio    Audio Coding standard :    amr
  • Audio input :    YES
  • Audio output  :    YES
  • Record management /  Record Mode :    Manual record, motion detection record, scheduled record, alarm record,
  • Video storage :    TF Card
  • playback, back up :    Yes
  • Alarm :   Alarm input  
  • motion detection :    Video Push、Alarm recording、screen shot capture ,sending Email
  • Network :    Wired  Network Interface    None
  • WIFI :    802.11b/g/n
  • Stream :    Three Stream
  • Network Protocol :   None
  • Sever :     Smart Cloud Sever
  • WIFI connection :    YES
  • Others    IR-CUT    YES
  • TF Card :    YES
  • WIFI :    YES
     433MHz    /
    GPIO    /
  • Power supply :    DC 5V 2A
  • Power consumption :    10W
  • Working Condition :    Working Temperature    -45℃-+55℃
  • Working Humidity :    10%-90%
  • General    Camera light :    6 pcs IR leds
  • Lens :      3.6MM
  • Dimension :    65*105mm
  • Weight :    0.2kg

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions6.5 × 10.5 cm


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