4G Solar Camera PTZ Charcoal & Stand – Metal


What 4G Sim Card do I get for our camera?

You can use any provider that works best in your area. Just make sure that you have 4G/5G coverage and some data to operate the unit (Minimum 1GB/month).

We do recommend and use Boost ourselves as they are running on full Telstra's Network and they have generous yearly plan.

4G Ready

Low Data Consumption

Solar Powered

Live Notifications

Two-Way Audio

IP65 Weatherproof

Sample Footage


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Separate Solar Panel Installation

Have the panel installed away from the camera to make sure you get the best sun all day long.

Speedy Installation

Easy and fast home security setup in under 5 minutes

Control your camera

Zoom and rotate your camera from the app, Connect your Camera with your smartphone, you can access it from anywhere, the app will send you push notifications for movement and if you have more than 1 camera, you can list them on the app (other cameras should support the same app for monitoring)

Two-Way Audio

enables you to receive and transmit audio through the camera

IP65 Weatherproof

our product is protected against multi-directional, low-pressure water jets

Solar Powered

Wire Free Protection, powered by the sun

Low Data Consumption

For an average use of 10 minutes footage watching per day, it will require around 3 to 4 GB of Data per month





Fully compatible with all Australia’s mobile frequencies.

Do you want to install security cameras but the wiring, set-up, system, maintenance is proving to be a huge headache? This CCTV camera is the new innovation that solves all your problems with faster installation. Yes, you can install it within 5 minutes on your own- it is simple, fast and secure!

It has an efficient system wherein the camera is powered by solar panels and is charged throughout the day. You can even use batteries in case of the camera being shadowed by the sun. This way you don’t have to rely on any power outlet or meters of cable which can be difficult to maintain.

You can place either a single camera or an entire set up anywhere on your property even in remote areas and can view the live footage on your device via the app anywhere anytime. The camera is made such that it can be connected to a 4G network to give you access to the live footage at all times. With state of the art technology, these cameras are a huge deterrent for crimes such as robbery, trespassing, attacks, etc., while also providing valuable footage to rely on in the event of any mishap. These cameras are suitable for all property types, from farms to estates to schools. Armed with solar panels, Cloud storage, motion detectors, and Internet accessibility, these cameras are the perfect security partner that lets you put your mind at ease.

The camera can rotate 355 degrees and tilt 120 degrees which allow covering a wider area. It can deliver the high quality coloured and detailed picture even in low light. It allows 24*7 surveillance without power consumption. It is supplemented with 8W power, 177mm*267mm solar panel, which has the capacity to work under 30 degrees to 60 degrees with >91% power outlet conversion rate.

Some of the unique qualities of this security camera are


A power Outlet is not required. There is no hassle with cables or extensions. It can be remotely controlled from any distance.

Remotely controlled

Get immediate notification on your mobile for motion detection. Also, you can control everything with your smartphone

Night Vision

Clear vision at night within 12 meters of distance

Saves Power

Save energy with low power consumption and intelligent power saving with long standby time

Wider Coverage

Covers wider area with 355-degree rotation and 120 degrees tilting mechanism in the camera

1How far can sensors detect?
12 Meters
2What happens if the memory card is full?
It writes over the old footage when the memory card is full
3Should I remove the sd card to watch the recorded videos?
No, you can view the stored footage with the mobile apps.
System functions
Networking method
4G only – supports 4g sim cards.(sim card not included)
Networking support
This camera is fully compatible with all Australia's mobile frequencies.
Compression format
Detection mode
PIR + Radar Dual Induction Detection
Detection Distance and Angle
0-12 Meters (120°)
optional TF Card ( 16G/32G/64G/128G )
Waterproof grade
IP65 (Outdoor/Indoor)
PTZ angle
Horizontal 55 ° /sec Vertical 40 ° /sec
Infrared light
effective night vision distance 30 meters
Powersupply mode
Solar +6pcs 18650 batteries
Operating temperature
Built-in speaker
Yes (3Watts)
Built-in microphone
Two-Way Audio
Panel and Battery
Battery Capacity
Maximum support 6Pcs of 18650 batteries (6*3200MAH)
Maximum working power
Standby power
Solar cell power
Demensions and weight
Package Weight
2.2 kg
20 × 28 × 17.0 cm
These cameras are not meant to run 24/7 – The camera goes to sleep when there is no movement and wakes up again when it notices a movement.
Batteries are not included in the warranty. No warranty is given on battery performance
You need to get your own sim card – Sim card would not be provided.

This Security Camera is a great choice for Builders, Farmers and anyone who is looking to secure a remote location where the Wi-Fi network is difficult to get.

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 17 cm
SD Storage

No SD Card, 64 GB, 128 GB