Massive 5MP 4G 200m Zoom + 60W 40Ah +128GB

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4G Ready

Massive Sollar Panel

Low Data Consumption

30X Optical Zoom

Two-way Audio

Remote Monitor

IP65 Weatherproof

Movement detection

Control your camera

Zoom and rotate your PTZ camera from the app, Connect your Camera with your smartphone, you can access it from anywhere.

Android Compatible

iOS Compatible

Movement Detection

How To Install The Panel

Video Tutorial: How to Install Your 60W Solar Panel


Protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction.

Actual Optical Zoom on these cameras are 20X Optical Zoom, but in the market they known to be 30X Optical Zoom. ( in the App also you will see 30X zoom )



  • Solar 60 watts, 40AH lithium battery
  • This Setup Can Run and Record For 24/7 Monitoring
  • Special solar bracket
  • 30X Zoom

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How far can sensors detect?
What happens if the memory card is full?
Should I remove the sd card to watch the recorded videos?

Camera Specification

System functions
Camera parameters
Internet Connection
Product Structure
Demensions and Weight

Solar Panel and Battery Specification

Solar Panel

Lets see what a 4G Solar Camera is and how it can help.

What is 4G and What do we mean by 4G Solar Camera?
Which industry uses 4g Solar Security camera most?
What is Solar and What do we mean by Solar Security Camera?
Which industry uses 4g Security camera most?
Can I watch footage live on my mobile phone?
Does it Record on SD Card?
Are the batteries are rechargeable?
Lets discuss why a farmer would use 4G (LTE) Solar Security Camera:
Can I move Seucirty System with 4G sim Card to another location whenever I need?


PTZ Tracking Modes and command list
This Setup Can Run For 24/7 Monitoring

Batteries are not included in the warranty. No warranty is given on battery performance

You need to get your own sim card – Sim card would not be provided.
Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 24 × 75 × 61 cm


SD Storage

No SD Card, 128 GB


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