Do you find yourself lost while purchasing the best security camera? However, most people have trouble purchasing security cameras because it involves high technical terms. As a result, it becomes quite challenging for any individual to interpret without having prior knowledge of security cameras. Few technical words such as RG59U, HD-over-coax, IP cameras, FPS are relatively difficult to understand. There are the best places to buy CCTV cameras, but it can be daunting and challenging to choose.

The process of deciding the cameras that should be good for your safety is overwhelming and time-consuming. Therefore, the following tips will guide you with knowledge and ways to choose the best CCTV system to buy

Tips to buy the best CCTV camera for surveillance

Do not go for Cheap

Look out for CCTV surveillance cameras that can provide the best value for money within your personal or business budget. Invest your money in small, good build quality, and entry-level system instead of rushing out and buying unbranded cheap cameras. Try to prefer any reputed security companies because they will offer a variety of cameras and recorder options. 

Check the warranty period

Usually, small retailers sell unbranded cameras, that comes with a statutory six-month product guarantee. If in case the camera encounters any malfunctioning, you might find yourself fighting for it. However, the reputable security company provide warranty for up to three years for their CCTV surveillance cameras. With this, you also get either professional installation service or a self-install option.

Try to understand the capabilities of CCTV cameras

While you are deciding to Buy CCTV Cameras for your House or business, it is crucial to consider its lens size, wide-angle degree and maximum storage capacity.

If possible, try following the thumb rule,

i.e. every millimeter of lens size shows how far the camera will be able to view its subject (focal length). However, the degree of the lens that comes with wide-angle, reveals the field of vision. But if the angle enlarges, then the focal length will shorten. 

For instance, a camera with a 55-degree angle and 4mm lens can capture any human within its range.

but it will not have enough range to view neighbor’s property to the left of right.

Enquiry for camera type

There are numerous amounts of CCTV cameras which vary from the most affordable entry-level analogue cameras to high definition (HD) and internet protocol (IP). Luckily, the prices of CCTV cameras have significantly dropped because of advancement in technology. Due to this, cameras with Wireless CCTV home security systems have fallen under the medium-sized business budget. 

Analogue, HD or IP cameras Comparison

The process of choosing the best camera will get easier when you decide the required quality of picture you want from a surveillance camera.

Generally, the analog camera offers a low-resolution picture, which is best for detecting any people and monitor specific areas. Moreover, an HD resolution camera comes with top-notch quality images, suitable for identifying characters, numbers and for legal purposes as evidential recording.

In addition to this, a higher resolution camera offers quite an enhanced picture, which then can be zoomed in digitally and capture the subject and details such as vehicle number plates.

Usually, police investigators use these kinds of cameras,

which helps them to capture the detailed picture of any person or vehicle.

Decide things that you want to capture by a surveillance system

Are you looking for cameras that can help you capture vehicle outside the front driveway gate or just your neighbor ringing your bell?

Well, usually we compare the capabilities of human sight to what we expect cameras to do. Moreover, no surveillance camera can showcase the dynamic range and depth of vision of the human eye.

However, the advancement in technology has given the solutions for dynamic range such as 360-degree vision and ways to handle different lighting conditions. 

Select the position of CCTV cameras

Deciding the area where you want to place your camera, depends upon your security needs with your home or business property.

Usually, most of the people install their first camera near the front door or gate.

Places such as near a back wall that runs parallel to an alley or any dark areas of your house would be the best position to place surveillance cameras.

If you have covered the entire perimeters of your property with surveillance cameras, then you have the advantage of the early warning system. 

Look for additional lighting support

Generally, CCTV cameras can record the visuals in color during the day. However, due to insufficient lighting, the cameras switch to black and white capture configuration. It is essential to provide additional outdoor lighting support, such as an LED lamp to maintain the color definition.

Not only it helps to capture perfect footage, but it also helps to gain meaningful intelligence report of vehicles and clothing of intruders.

Installation costs of other equipment

When you have chosen the right type of CCTV surveillance system, do not forget to consider the cost of recorders and other peripherals.

Additional equipment such as cables, connectors, un uninterrupted power supply, and labor cost.

Gather all the information about the payment at the beginning of the purchase, so you do not get surprised by unexpected expenses later.

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