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Security Camera Accessories and accessories include extra solar panels, replaceable batteries, SD cards (up to 128GB), and security camera mounts or brackets. These items can be used to improve the function or aesthetic of a home surveillance system and can be purchased individually or as part of a larger kit.

Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Security Camera System

Choosing the right security camera accessories can significantly improve your surveillance system’s functionality and ease of use. Here are a few tips on how to make the best choice:

Mounting Hardware: Depending on where you intend to install your cameras, you may need specific mounting brackets or stands. Always ensure that the mounting hardware you choose is sturdy and capable of supporting your security camera’s weight.

Power Extensions and Adapters: Depending on the placement of your security cameras, you might need power extensions and adapters. For wireless cameras, consider investing in high-quality, long-lasting rechargeable batteries or solar panels.

Cables: If you’re using wired cameras, ensure that you have high-quality cables. You may need extension cables or different types of cables (like Ethernet or coaxial) depending on your setup. Also, consider cable covers or conduits to protect the cables from the elements and potential vandalism.

Storage Devices: If your security camera system relies on local storage, ensure you have reliable storage devices. Micro SD cards or external hard drives can be used for this purpose. Keep in mind the storage capacity you might need based on the number of cameras and the video quality.

Housings and Covers: Weather-resistant housings and covers can protect your security cameras from harsh weather conditions and extend their lifespan. Ensure they are compatible with your specific camera model.

Lens Accessories: Depending on your needs, you might consider additional lens accessories like wide-angle lenses, varifocal lenses, or lens covers to enhance image quality or field of view.

Lighting: For enhancing night-time visibility, consider adding supplementary lighting, like infrared illuminators. Remember, more light typically equates to clearer images in low-light conditions.

Signal Boosters: If you’re using a wireless camera system and experiencing weak signals due to distance or obstacles, a WiFi or radio signal booster might be necessary.

Monitors: While many modern security systems allow for remote viewing via smartphone apps or computers, having a dedicated monitor can be useful for real-time viewing.

Software: Some advanced features might require specific software, like video analytics or facial recognition software. Check if these are included with your cameras or if they need to be purchased separately.

By understanding and selecting the right accessories, you can truly tailor your security camera system to meet your exact needs, enhancing its overall effectiveness and usability. Always remember to ensure compatibility with your specific cameras and system configuration.

Choice of CCTV Accessories

When you buy a CCTV camera, you can also improve your experience by buying the right accessories for it. These include the power cable extension, the CCTV camera Mount, and the right type of rechargeable batteries to replace in the future. If you don’t have all of these things, don’t worry, you can always improve your security by adding these optional security accessories. The good news is that you can find all of these things on Simply Online website. Just make sure that you take the time to find the right products for your needs.

What types of Accessories products does Simply Online Australia sell?

Simply Online Australia sells a wide range of security products, from cameras and security systems to power supplies and batteries. We also sell solar panels and extra SD cards, making it easy to keep your home or business secure.

Accessories for 4G/WiFi Solar PTZ Cameras

You can always replace the batteries in your 4G/WiFi Solar PTZ Camera. You may also want to consider purchasing an extra mount for the solar panel, as well as an sd card for storage if you don’t already have one. A 2m extension cable will also be useful, as it will allow you to install the solar panel separately from your PTZ camera.

Security Camera Accessories : extra mount and cable extension for solar ptz cameras
Extra Mount + Cable Extension

Mount, Brackets & Extra Solar Panels

If you’re looking for extra solar panels, There are a variety of options to choose. Check the compatibility with your PTZ or bullet camera before purchasing. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Bracket and Extension Cable – PTZ Solar Cameras

The 2m extension cable and the mount allow you to install your camera inside and put the panel outside, making it easy to install. The system is compatible with 4g and wifi model.

Micro SD Card

Most of our cameras support Micro SD cards up to 128GB, which is plenty of space to record hours of footage or store thousands of photos. If you need even more storage, you can use cloud storage instead.

Rechargeable Battery

Two of our best-selling products “solar PTZ camera” and “solar Bullet Camera” support fully rechargeable and replaceable batteries. It is very easy to replace the batteries and this extends the camera’s life significantly.