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Simply Online Store: All Your Security Camera Needs Under One Roof

Do you need a trustworthy and cost-effective security camera system? Look no further than Simply Online Store. We have security cameras and everything you need to install them from solar-powered cameras, those with optical zoom all in one place through our online store.

We, at Simply Online Store take pride in being committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our products come from reliable suppliers and promise to live up to your expectations. We also have competitive prices and fast delivery, so you will get what you need as soon as possible.

Simply Online Store: All Your Security Camera Needs Under One Roof

Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Solar-powered security cameras can be a great option for those who want to minimize their carbon footprint and save on electricity bills. We have many different types of solar driven security cameras at Simply Online Store, perfect for any situation. We have powerful solar panels on our cameras which can run the camera for a long time, even in darkness. Some of our popular solar-powered security cameras include:

Solar 4G PTZ Camera: The camera is designed in such a way that you can be able to link it with your 4G network so as get the live footage anytime. It also includes a solar panel to charge the camera in any weather.

Massive 5MP 4G 30X optical zoom + 60W 40Ah : So this kit consists of solar panel and battery pack which can be used to power your simply online 4G security camera. This solar panel is weather resistant and can be installed on a wall or roof.

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AC-Powered Security Cameras

AC-powered security cameras are highly recommended for people who want a secure and stable power source. At Simply Online Store, we have a variety of AC-powered security cameras to meet your various needs. Some of our popular AC-powered security cameras include:

Massive 8MP 4G 30X optical zoom: It has 8MP camera and a 20X Optical Zoom lens. It also features a built-in microphone and weather resistant design that makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Massive 5MP WiFi 36X optical zoom: It features a 5MP camera with a 20x optical zoom lens. It also comes with an in built microphone and a weather proof design that makes it suitable for outdoor purposes.

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Optical Zoom Solar Security Cameras

Optical zoom security cameras are also a great choice for people who want to monitor large areas. We supply a variety of optical zoom security cameras at Simply Online Store for all your requirements. We have high quality lenses for our cameras and can zoom in without losing picture. Some of our popular optical zoom security cameras include:

Massive 5MP WiFi 36X optical zoom + 60W 40Ah: 60W Solar panel 40Ah Battery and a 20x optical zoom lens are fitted on this camera. It also possesses an in-built microphone and one that is weather resistant, which makes it suitable for use outdoors.

Massive 8MP 4G 30X optical zoom + 60W 40Ah: 60W Solar panel and 40Ah Battery, a 20x optical zoom lens. It also has an inbuilt microphone and is weather-resistant hence can be used outdoors.


We also sell various accessories for your security camera setup at Simply Online Store. We have all you need from solar panel mounts to batteries, ensuring that your cameras run smoothly. Some of our popular accessories include:

Solar Panel Mounts: These mounts are designed to hold your 4G PTZ solar panel securely in place. They can withstand any weather and be installed on the wall or roof.

Batteries: We provide all sorts of batteries for every different requirement. From replacement batteries to back ups, we carry everything you need for the smooth operation of your cameras.


Finally, Simply Online Store supplies all your requirements concerning security cameras. We provide a variety of solar powered, AC-powered and optical zoom security cameras to satisfy every need. Our cameras come from reliable suppliers and we guarantee to make your expectations of them. We also provide various accessories that will enhance your security camera systems. Come to us today and see for yourself why we are the best choice for all of your security camera needs.